Transport Manager CPC Testimonials

Following the Full Time Transport Manager’s CPC course held at Clondalkin, which in itself is in a timely manner, prior to the TM CPC Haulage examination held in June 2019. I would like to extend my thanks to Tony and his entire team, from the office staff (who deserve more than apple pie on Friday’s) through to the experienced and informative team of tutors. Tony and Colleen both know their stuff and genuinely wish to share their knowledge and experiences with the candidates which in itself is extremely useful and relative. Their teaching techniques may differ but both have added value and are entertaining.The way in which the course material is broken down and shared in presentations is carefully and professionally considered, and supported with plenty of working examples.

Whilst the qualification itself is for life, I am sure you would wish you could attend this course provider over and over, just for the craic! I am truly grateful , now have the qualification having passed in June 2019 and would strongly recommend anyone considering the TM CPC they go no further than Given the attitude of the company, as Transport Managers you too should also be supporting by sending  or recommending your drivers’ to their courses conveniently provided throughout the country and in compliance with the requirements. -JGF - 😊

 “Hi Tony, I sat the Transport Manager Passenger paper in December 2020 and the Haulage paper in March 2021. With your excellent training and support I passed both exams with over 75% average. Just as importantly, the way in which you impart and reinforce the essential information means I am able to recall it and apply it readily in my daily work. The courses were engaging and delivered with great enthusiasm. Taking the exam with is not money spent, it’s an investment.” Best Regards Craig

  Ciarán Walsh from the Green Isle part time passenger course. 83% in paper 1 and 84% in paper 2. Pass, 84% over all. Delighted. Thanks to yourself and Colleen for everything. Regards Ciarán Walsh 


  Hi Tony - I passed the exam with flying colours. Many thanks for your enthusiasm, intelligence, knowledge and fantastic sense of humour. If you ever want to bring a few Americans around the ring of Kerry they’d fall in love with you. Valentine 


Hi Tony, I got a result of 91% overall in the exam which took place on the 31/03/21.Thanks for all your help and making the course enjoyable. -David Stynes.


 Hi Tony - I took the CPC course with you in Nov last year and sat my exam on the 4th of Dec. I just wanted to share my results with you - 90% in both exams. I am absolutely over the moon. Thank you so much for one of the most memorable courses I have ever taken. Your approach and your passion in delivering the course is delightfully unique.I am delighted with my results. Thank you again. Eva warren


 Hi Tony - I received my results today, and I am absolutely thrilled I achieved an overall 98% score. Please pass on my greatest thanks to all the tutors who put their time and patience into the course. I couldn't have achieved it without them. Best Regards - Alan Akehurst


Hi Tony, I passed the exam with an average of 87%! Thanks to you and all the team for excellent course and support. Regards. Nick


Hi Tony, Kevin McSweeney here from the Cork course. Thanks very much for the help and for the course it was fantastic I really enjoyed it,The delivery of the course was exceptional, I think the results reflect this Talk soon and thanks again. Best regard. Kevin.


I got 93 percent in both paper 1 and 2. Please pass my sincere gratitude to Tony. Regards Anton Romaniuk - Keogh Tours


Hi Tony - I received 90% in both papers. Many thanks to all the tutors who gave their time. They made it very easy to comprehend. Edwin 


Hi Tony - I got 79% on paper one and 61% on paper 2, 70 over all. Thank you very much for all the help and time you gave us,I really enjoyed the course aswell. Kind Regards. Gerard


Thank you for everything Tony. You really are a great teacher. Couldnt have done it without you.Regards Bernie


Hi Tony - I passed my exams!!!! Thanks for all your tutoring. Many thanks. Marie Davey


Hi Tony, I am writing to inform you that I have successfully passed the 2 CPC Haulage exams that I sat in the Marino institute on the December the 4th 2019 my results are as follows: in paper 1 I got 88% and in paper 2 I got 81%. I am delighted with my results and I would like to thank you for your course delivery technique, the constant bombardment with the formulas and and model answers to exam questions really sunk in. I would like to wish you continued success in your business and I would be very grateful if yiu could pass on my best wishes to all the girls in the Tralee office. Derek Green


Hi Tony - so happy with my results I got 82% in paper one and 74% in paper two. Thank you so much for all your help I really enjoyed doing the course. Kind Regards. Katie 


Hi Tony just to let you know I have passed the TM exam with an overall 82% score. Thanks to you and Coleen’s help and hard work. John Hepworth


Hi Tony, I received 85% in both papers. Thank you very much for helping me achieve these scores :). Kind Regards.

Hi Tony. Just to inform you I received my results from the December exam. I managed to get 90% in both papers. Thank you to you and your team for the time you invested in us. Its great to have the opportunity to advance my career prospect as I'm due up to leave the defence forces after 21 years 10 of which was transport and logistics and possibly move on and teach the driver cpc in the near future. Thanks again. Edwin O’Sullivan


Hi Tony - I got an overall of 95% in my exams (93% in paper 1 & 98% in paper 2). Thank you & Roberta very much. Jamie Mulrooney


Hi Tony - I got my results today, 91% overall, thanks for all the help along the way. Joseph


Hi Tony - I passed the course with overall result 89% (P1 – 82% / P2 – 96%). Thank you to all the team for a very well delivered course. Best regards, Conor McEvoy, Supervisor, DSV


Hi tony - I just passed the Transport Management CPC with flying colours. I am extremely happy & thank you so much as your course was fantastic - Donny Farrelly 


Following the Full Time Transport Manager’s CPC course held at Clondalkin, which in itself is in a timely manner, prior to the TM CPC Haulage examination held in June 2019.I would like to extend my thanks to Tony and his entire team, from the office staff (who deserve more than apple pie on Friday’s) through to the experienced and informative team of tutors.Tony and Colleen both know their stuff and genuinely wish to share their knowledge and experiences with the candidates which in itself is extremely useful and relative.Their teaching techniques may differ but both have added value and are entertaining.The way in which the course material is broken down and shared in presentations is carefully and professionally considered, and supported with plenty of working examples.Whilst the qualification itself is for life, I am sure you would wish you could attend this course provider over and over, just for the craic!I am truly grateful , now have the qualification having passed in June 2019 and would strongly recommend anyone considering the TM CPC they go no further than cpc.ieGiven the attitude of the company, as Transport Managers you too should also be supporting by sending  or recommending your drivers’ to their courses conveniently provided throughout the country and in compliance with the requirements.JGF - 😊

Hi Tony, Im delighted to inform you that i passed the exam.93% first paper 93% second paper 93% total over all...I would like to thank you for the preparation of the exam without your training i would not have learned what i neede to know.Your unique teaching method is flawless and excellent executed..Thank you Fabio C

 Tony I want to let you know that I pass the exam 71% in overall. Thank you for your great advice and help with the course. Best Regards Jan S

Just to let you know I passed the transport management exam with an overall grade of 93%. Thanks for all your help .   Kind regards   David F

Delighted to say I got an overall pass of 83% with 84% Paper 1 and 82% Paper 2. Absolutely, without any doubt, no other provider could run the course the way you have and have the fantastic results at the end of it for everyone. Really appreciate all you have done in delivering the course material and getting us ready for the actual exam. Look forward to further expanding my qualifications next year with the TM CPC in road haulage. Well done and huge thank you to all the team.  Thanks, Keith D 

Hi Tony!

I achieved 61% out of a total of 100% across both papers, in what was a challenging and difficult exam. I am thrilled to tell you that I passed the CILT exam and I am now a certified transport manager! I found your instruction and inclusive, somewhat theatric engagement absolutely brilliant and I learned a hell of a lot from the course - from which I am happy to tell you that I have implemented many of the various compliance systems that yourself suggested, and they are now working well in our business!

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending CPC Training Ltd to anyone who wishes to gain a Transport Manager CPC and/or complete their required driver CPC course - with people who actually know their stuff from hands-on experience - and aren't reading solely from a textbook! The real learning is gained from listening to the people doing the job on the ground, and your tutors reflect this - through both their knowledge and professionalism. Yourself and Colleen were great instructors (with great patience!!) and you thought us so much more about the hands-on practices in business than any manual could have. It is great to walk away with more than just a certificate, as the knowledge that I have gained is immeasurable.

Wishing you every success with all of your future endeavours and businesses! Thanks again for everything to date, and I will definitely be in touch with your office regarding the completing my own driver CPC requirements; which will be needed before you're favourite "Armageddon" date in September every year, as you reminded us all many times over the course!! (ha ha)

Thanks again and much respect, I look forward to working with you again soon!

Mark Phipps, Vintage Tea Tours Limited

 Hi tony Brendan here did the transport CPC with you got the results back I passed thanks very much I learned so much from you. I will recommend your course to anyone. Thanks again - Brendan Quinn

 Hi Tony - I hope you are keeping well. I wanted to let you know all good with the Transport Managers CPC exam. I will also be doing some CPC modules in the Green Isle over the next few week to bring me up to date. Thank You again for all your help as they say couldn’t have done it without your expertise. Regards - Eamonn O' Connor (College Cabs)

 Hi All - I am writing to you in relation to the Part Time Transport Managers Course which I attended before sitting the exam on the 22nd of June 2018. I would like to send a Big Thank You to all CPC Ltd team. To Office Team, Brid and Jackie for great support in booking the course, exam and any small things which required your assistance. To Tony and Coleen for all the professional lectures. I found them all helpfull and very interesting. You're a great course provider and I'll be more than happy to recomend your services to others.I was studying hard for this exam as this was my main goal for this year but without your classes it would be a lot harder to pass it. I got 79% overall so thank you again for everything. Best Regards, Pawel Kowalski

 Hi Tony - a huge thanks to you and all the staff for their great work in delivering the ‘Transport Management CPC Haulage Course’ and getting me over the line...It’s been many years since I was in a class room surrounding and undertaking a written exam, but through Tony’s excellent guidance, he gave me the confidence to achieve such a great result, the course was very enjoyable and I would highly recommend to anyone in the transport industry”

Regards - Gerry Moran (Section Manager G4S)

 Hi Brid - I got 90%in paper 1 & 80% on paper 2... Average of 85%. Great course , great tuition. Thank Tony and especially Roberta for me. Regards - Martin Doyle  

 Hi Tony, I hope you are keeping well. I passed the Transport Management CPC exam and I am very grateful to yourself, Roberta & Coleen for your enthusiasm, vast knowledge & patience, many thanks. Kind Regards, Breffni Mc Carthy Section Operations Manager G4S

 Hi Tony - Its James Rattigan here from Ballyfermot Dublin great news I just received my CPC certificate. I just want to say i had a great laugh and good banter. I gained a lot of valuable experience in many areas. Hopefully I will be on the road soon. I would recommend your courses to all colleagues. Thank you for everything and for your great help and understanding. Best wishes! Kind regards.

 Hi Tony - I would like to thank to you for your teaching on the Transport Management CPC course. I greatly appreciated all the work you put into the mock exam and the questions and I would not have passed without the work you put into the course. Thanks again - Denis Devine

 Hi Tony, Colleen and Roberta; thank you all for an excellent course im delighted with my results. Kind regards - Emmet O’Grady

 Hi All - I would like to thank Tony and everyone at CPC.IE for a fantastic course. Having finished a degree recently Tony would give any Lecturer a run for their money. Niall O’Grady

 Hi All - as I’m sure you know results are out for the June exam and I only went and passed. I am over the moon and want to say a big thank you to Tony,Coleen,and all in - Mark Slowey

 Hi Tony, Delighted to have received my results and better again to have passed. Thank you and Roberta for all your hard and dedicated work. Thank you for your patience. I truly was alien to this course and profession but your teaching, explanations and notes were sublime and for that I am ever so grateful. Keep up your dedication, enthusiasm and unique humour. Kind Regards Sinead Noonan

 Fab training very impressive held my interest all through the term Has given me great confidence on sitting the exam. Many thanks to Tony, Roberta and Colleen. Tomas Murphy

 Found the course very daunting at first but got used to it. Really enjoyed the finance and marketing. These modules have been great help already even before I sit the exam. Roll on the 22nd! Linda Falconer

 Hello,very good teachers, Thanks you. Octavian Nicolae Cismus

 Great delivery on the course. Conor Hunt

  The slides are a great help to breakdown the main areas between them and the book. A very well delivered course covering every aspect by Tony and team. Nicholas Falvey

 Hello all... I thought the course was great. I have learned a lot and today, while we were revising all the course, I realised I understood everything that was said and discussed. It all just has to stick with me now!!! Brigid Cullen

 While not working in this profession, I must say that I really did enjoy this coarse. I have learnt so much in the past few months both obviously in Transport but also in areas of management that I can apply to my own profession and dare I mention Marketing and Tachographs. I very much appreciate Tony, Roberta and Colleen's teaching, patience, excellent slides and laughter. Thank ye all 3 sincerely.Fingers crossed for the 22nd. Sinead Noonan

 5 star training from start to finish. Material, presentation and interaction with students was superb. Thank you for positive experience and wish you best of luck in training future transport managers.- Tomas Bernotas 

Hi Tony - thank you so much for all you have done and you have made a big difference in my life as in the positivity you have shown me and opened my eyes to the world. I wish you the best of luck in your career and your family also,once again tony a big thank you and in an odd way I will miss you at weekends god bless. Joseph Carroll

Hi Tony - Just dropping you a mail to let you know my results arrived and I passed. I want to thank you so much for the work you put into getting me through the course and getting the result and obtaining the qualification. You helped me to prepare for all possible questions and I cannot thank yourself, Colleen and the team at CPC enough. I look forward to dealing with you in the future, I have already started to send my drivers to CPC for there training and will continue to do so. Edel Johnston, Operations Manager,MS Transport 

 Hi Tony David Muddiman here passed the bus exam thanks again Tony appreciate it. It was great craic. 

 Hi Tony - I passed the exam & I did better than I thought I had done. Thanks again to yourself and Coleen for all the help and the  good tips in the lectures. Best Regards. Michael Gibbon

 Hi Tony - Thank you for all the work over them weekends I got my result this morning in a BIG envelope and glad to say I am now a Qualified Transport Manager 😁😁😁😁. Avril Foy

 Hi Tony - I just wanted to thank you & Colleen so much for all your help in preparing me for my exams in transport management. I have just received the certificate and I’m absolutely delighted with myself. Couldn’t have done it without all your help with the slides & the weekends of course work is now worth it. Thanks again. Stacey Balfe

Tony thank you so much for everything couldn’t of done it without yourself and Colleen. You went over and beyond. Would recommend your training to everyone. Thank you again! Penny Browne

 Hi Tony - I got my exam results this morning and glad to say that I passed. I just wanted to say thank you to you, and to compliment you and your colleagues on a very well run course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and gained a lot of knowledge from it. I have instructed our company to go to you for all our drivers CPC + training needs going forward. Thanks again and best of luck to you and your company in the future! JP Crotty, GH Energy Rentals.

 Hi Tony - I can't thank you enough for your straight talking and to the point way of learning, also the way the course was put into the slides was so valuable to me and made me pass the exam. Thanks again Tony to you and the team and I will leave a excellent review of you and team on site. Ken Egan

BOOM!!!!I know I put u tru d mill tony (legend) but passed it ,absolutely delighted thanks. Michael Mackey

Hi Tony - thank you for very interesting and insightful course, I enjoyed it. Kind regards, Mario

 I had a great time on this course and would recommend it to anyone. It teaches you alot. The lectures are amazing and have great tips to help you remember a few of the important bits. I did the passenger one but i will be back to do the haulage one. Thanks guys so much i enjoyed it :) –Avril Foy

Unusual course delivery but it works.
I would definitely recommend and would use the company again. –Anthony Healy

Hi All Just to say Thank you to Tony and staff for all your hard work and encouragement on the Transport management course, It was a wonderful course and I learned so much from it, and now that I am settling into my new roll in the company and looking forward to the new challenges it will bring. A big thank you to all at  Regards Gerry ACTAVO

Hi Tony - Denise Brennan here. Just letting you know l got my results today and passed. I want to thank yourself and Colleen for  all your help and support throughout the course. Regards Denise.

Hi Tony - Brilliant news I passed my Exam. Thanks again for everything you did. Damian O'Neill

Thanks Tony - Paul Spencer here. I am delighted to pass and could not have done it without you. 

Tony thanks for all your help that was a positive result. Thank you and the same to all your crew for the help and understanding over the year. Tommy McLoughlin 

Hi Tony I just got my cert in the post. I passed as you already know lol. Thanks so much for all your company's great support. Can't believe I passed. I'm thinking of doing the truck one in the near future to perhaps. Hope to see you in the near future please God. Kind regards - Tara

Hi Tony - I passed my exams and again thank you very much for all your help and hard work that you put in with us all. Excellent way of teaching. Thanks again. Regards – Jonathan

Hi Tony - Thanks a million that's brilliant news. I'm delighted thanks for all the help and support. Rosaleen Fairbrother 

Hi Tony, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for all the help in my Transport Manager Course. I really learned so much and enjoyed the course content. I also learned to never listen to "the fella" unless the fella is you ha ha. It was an absolute pleasure and I am delighted to say I received one of the highest scores in paper one in the country I couldn't have done it without you. Jennifer Dunning

Dear Tony, I recently completed the transport manager cpc with you in cork and passed! Your method of teaching is  excellent and the way your handouts are laid out it makes the material very easy to learn. Thank you for the course. - Harry Thornton

Hi Tony - Keith Kelly here. I just completed the transport managers cpc with you in Cork in 2017 and passed. The course was very beneficial and thanks. For someone who didn't know much going into it I learned a lot. Thanks Keith 

Dear Tony - thank you so much, I received my certificate yesterday. I'm over the moon. You sir are a genius. Thanks again Margaret Twomey

 Good Afternoon Thanks for your time and effort on your cpc course. Enjoyed the classes got results today and passed thank u JP Lyne 

Hi Tony, Just an email thanking you for your time and effort you put into the course these last few months. And to your staff for their helping hand in preparing handouts etc. I thought it was and will be very benificial to me in my line of work and and on a general outlook on business. Your teaching technique means that your students listen and that the content sticks. Great teacher. And also a thank you to Coleen another great teacher. Thank you for everything and i will be keeping the head down between now and the 9th of june. I will be highly recomending you and for anyone looking to avail of your training. Great course. Jonathan Buckley - (Prompto Despatch Ltd.) 

I just wanted to write to you to thank Tony and all the team for the course I did for the Transport Manager CPC. I found the course to be excellent and I particularly appreciated the fact that Tony took such a personal interest in the candidates as a whole and I was delighted that I now have a worthwhile qualification in the industry I love. I would have no problem whatsoever in advising prospective candidates of the value of this qualification as well as recommending as the company they need to use in order to get the right result. On every course that people do in life, their own committment and work is needed. However, I can honestly say that I could not have got this qualification without the training I received from Tony and the team. Every person who is serious about making a career in the Transport business should consider doing this very worthwhile course and without doubt, needs to sign up with Tony and the team for this wonderful course. With Kind Regards & Gratitude - Paul Feehan.

 Good morning Tony - just to to let you know that I passed the exam and I wanted to send you an email of appreciation for your time and efforts in helping me through the course and ultimately pass the exam. So again thank you for everything and I would highly recommend your course to anyone considering this area of business. I will be in touch again no doubt to continue with standard CPC Training also as they come up. Kindest regards. Michael Mulligan

Hi Tony - Brian Worrell  here I attended your transport manager course in Green Isle. I received my results yesterday . I got 82% in first paper and 89% in second paper. I thought I would just get a bare pass. Thank you for your time and patience😄and for the life lessons also. Best Regards. Brian Worrell

Hi Tony - I have just received my Transport Management Certificate. I am delighted to have it and thanks for your huge input! John Sinclair 

 Hi Tony - I received my CPC results today. Cheers Tony. Thanks a lot. Great course. Mike O'Brien 

Hi Tony, Conor Doran here - I got my cert in the post today. Thanks for all the help getting it.

Hi Tony, would just like to thank you for all ur help, results came today delighted to have passed 😊many thanks - Jacinta Parle 

 Hi Tony - I Received my road passenger CPC today. Delighted to have passed and wanted to thank you again for your help with this course! Great tuition. Stephen Hogarty 


HI Tony - I got my certificate today! I would like to say big thank you to you and your team. It was a pleasure. Best regards. Krisjanis Leitis 

Hi Tony, Brid, Mary, Colleen Just a quick note to thank you all for all your help and assistance with getting me through the Transport Manager programme. Delight to get my certificate today. Regards, Sean 

Hi Tony! I will take this opportunity to THANK YOU for your service , transport manager cpc course. You have a magnificent team and I will not hesitate to recommend CPC.IE to everyone.  Regards Cezar

Hi Tony - Well it`s now almost 7 days since the exam and I`m eager to get the results already! I just wanted to thank you for the recent course and the previous one for haulage two years ago. I think you are an excellent teacher and I really enjoy the way you present the course. I believe it is due your enthusiasm and leadership that I passed the haulage exam and I feel as though I have also passed the passenger exam. Thanks again Tony. Regards, Steve Hogarty

 Thanks for everything. Enjoyed the course with Tony and Colleen.I thought the course was very well presented and the material was really drilled home to us.Tony's passion to teach people is amazing.Colleen put the material across really clearly and is such a nice person.I will look back at my time on the course as time very well spent and I'm confident of passing the exam on Friday but if I don't I wouldn't mind listening to them again.They really are good at their jobs.One thing I might change would be to have the 3 day weekends for the part time course as the last 2 weekends of the course.Thanks again.Mark O’Brien

Hi Tony I am delighted and would not have done it with any of your help! In relation to your course I found it outstanding the level of professionalism from both yourself and your office staff when I had trouble applying for exam.Your technique and way of teaching was amazing even tho I was the youngest of the group you never once made me feel left out! I will highly recommend your course and will advertise it to all my drivers in work at Dean chambers transport .Thanks so much for all your help Tony I am extremely grateful. Kind regards, Laura Chambers , Dean Chambers Transport LTD 


Hello Tony, Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU ,i recently attended your Transport Manger course in the Green Isle Hotel  your course was very informative and very entertaining. " a fella told me all i had to do was learn the slides and i would pass " would you believe it the fella was right , now that i have the Haulage Manager cert in the bag the husband is making me do accountancy course  any chance you teach that !!! lol , so thanks again for all your help. Regards Pauine Moulds, Transport Manager,Irish Car Express Ltd


Hi Tony - my career started when I enrolled in the  transport manager cpc course with you in Limerick in March 2012. Sat the passenger exam in June and the Haulage in February 2013. Went on from there to get an internship in a freight company later that year and it's has been on and upwards since. Enrolled  in CILT's Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management in October 2013 and graduated in November 2015. Continuing my studies this September in the University of Limerick, got direct entry from my Diploma to year 4 of their Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Supply Chain Management. Only one more year and I'll have an honours degree and 4 years  good experience under my belt. Hopefully move up the ladder in some way or form then. As I mentioned at the start it all started with your transport manager cpc course a few years ago. Thanks again Tony. Gary Daly 


Tony, Mairide Forde here from Limerick I recently took part in your CPC Transport Management course at the Kilmurry Lodge. To quote you  if you learn what is in the slides you will pass and I sure did. I was absolutely delighted when I received my cert in the post. Thanks again for all your help. Regards Mairide

I recently sat the Transport Manager CPC course and am delighted to say that I passed.The course content was very thorough and was enlivened in no small way by Tony’s style of delivery and teaching method.I cannot recommend highly enough for anyone wishing to pursue a career in Transport Management. Tony Cullen, Transport & Logistics Manager, Euro Gas Ltd.

Tony & team, Just a quick mail to say thanks a lot for all your help and guidance in the recent Transport Management course that was in the Green Isle Hotel, I received my cert last week and without your unique style of course presenting I doubt I would have passed with any other company. All the best going forward and thanks again. Regards Kieran.

Hi Tony - I want to thank you for everything. It was a real pleasure to attend your course. I never thought I would be able to learn so many things and really new things for me, in such short time but your way of teaching made me do it. Thanks. Daniela


Tony, Coleen and Team, Thanks, I found the course and the content hit the spot, I was well prepared for the examination and the material was delivered, in a concise and understandable way. Couldn't fault that.I would be happy to attend another course delivered by Tony in the future, I am thinking of the DGSA not currently available from CPC Training but that's another decision for me.  I found the teaching style refreshing, not having been in a classroom environment for any years, it suited me. Thanks, I hope to see you again, sometime. Gerry Kelly 

Hi Tony. I just wanted to send a note to thank you so much for the CPC Transport Manager Course you recently held in the Green Isle Hotel. Your method of teaching is absolutely fantastic and the revision exercises really made it a lot easier for my home study. Providing I pass my exam in passenger I will definitely be coming back in June to complete the haulage paper. Once again thank you so much for all the hard work you put into the course and I shall definitely be recommending you to people in the future.  Kind regards Carole Murray  

Hi Tony  Just want to say a huge big  thank you for all your hard work, as I am sure  you are aware I passed Hooray !!! Yipee!!  Once again thank you Tony  Kind Regards,  Laurie Walker


Dear Tony,Mariah Culloty here from Limerick. I recently took part in your CPC Transport Management course over the summer in Kilmurry Lodge. I just want to thank you most sincerely for all your help in completing it. There were many laughs, mints and I very much enjoyed the weekends. Haulage is something that is so dear to my family, and to have  successfully completed and passed this exam is a great achievement. To quote you "if you learn what are on the slides you'll pass".. and I sure did. Tony, again I cannot thank you enough and I hope many years to come you will have great success. Regards Mariah


"Thanks for a great course - I passed with flying colours - Sanel Gerzic".

Hi Tony and Colleen Thank you so much for the excellent tuition and guidance, am pleased to report that I passed the exams Thanks again Clare

Hi Tony Hope this email finds you well? just quick mail to say thanks enjoyed the course and passed it which i was not expecting it as i felt i fecked up the second paper on the day,it also gave me the hunger to go on and futher myself in other courses after christhmas..
Say hello to the FELLA for me!!!
Kind Regards and many thanks again  Noel Hodson..


Hi Tony,  I got my cert yesterday and I am delighted. Thanks for delivering a great course!
Regards, Carmel Goldrick


Dear tony I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your delivery of this course and I received my certificate today. We had some laughs along the way as well as learning your way through the slides .Again many thanks
Jason Quirke Transport Manager, Castletownbere Fishermens Cooperative Society Ltd

Hi Tony just let you know I got my cpc certificate in the post today. Just like to thank you for making the exam so simple to pass due to your notes and indebt knowledge of the exam. You made the course simple and highly informative. Hope to be sitting the passenger cpc in the new year. Kind regards Eamonn Dempsey

Hi Tony, I'm Alexandru Halip one of your students in the transport manager course. I just received confirmation that I passed the exam. I want to thank you for a course superbly delivered. I wouldn't have done it without your help. Regards, Alex Halip

Hi Tony, Got my transport manager cert today, delighted I passed. Thanks for your hard work I greatly appreciate it. Thanks again, Paul McCabe.

Hello Tony,I've just had the result's of the management CPC, a successful result thanks to your expert guidance. I'll look forward to seeing you soon for the haulage CPC. Thank you again. Bill Keogh.


Good Morning Tony. I just received my letter with my pass result. Again thanks for all your help throughout the course. - Mark Jackson  (Union Foods)

Tony - To you and all your staff a very big thank you, I did my Passenger C.P.C. management in January and with all your help found it quite easy and I got a pass, I went back and did the Haulage exam in June. My result came in today and I got a pass - this wouldn't have happened except for your excellent training course and staff. So therefore I thank all of you 100%. Thank you - Peter Fawcett

Hi Tony, I have received my PASS exam result.I would like to thank you for all your help over the course.I was very nervous at the thought of exams,because I never sat one before.The day I called you first you put all my doubts aside and I accepted the challenge.The course was excellent and very well delivered you have a great way of drumming information into our heads.I will be doing my driver cpc with your company as I always do and I will make sure that your company gets all the work out of DHL  HAZ COURSES AND DRIVER CPC.Big thank you tony and the girls who delivered parts of the course as well. Regards- Larry Fay 

Hi Tony,Passed exam thanks very much for your time and patience on a course well delivered. Will recommend  to work colleagues. All the best. Regards. -Andrew Laffan (Pallas Foods) 

 Hi Tony Thanks for the course very well delivered.Regards - Noel Brannigan (Eddie Stobarts) 


Tony.  Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much for all of your help during the course which I attended in the Kilmurry Lodge in Limerick from November '14 to January '15. It was with great delight during the week when I received my Certificate. Thanks again for all your help. Regards - Andrew O'Sullivan

Hi Tony-I got my cert & passed the exam. I could never have gotten it without you of that I am sure. Thanks a million-Christopher Curtis


"Thanks for everything Tony I really enjoyed the course - Trevor Hurley"

 Hi Tony, just wanted to let you know that I have passed the CPC exam from Jan'15 and a very big Thank You for your support and assistance you gave me. Cheers. Regards, Darren Meade.

Tony. Cert arrived in the post yesterday - Your course does what it says on the tin, well done and thanks. It was well presented and never boring, I actually found myself looking forward to the days of the course. Regards-Eamonn Leahy.

I got my results today & I passed.  Thanks a million again for a great course - Geoff Dunne

My name is Ivan O’Reilly, I recently sat on your cpc course held at the greenisle hotel Dublin,I received my certificate yesterday and would like to thank you  and your team for a fantasic course,I learned so much not only about haulage but life situations also.-Ivan O’Reilly

Hi Tony how's things hope your keeping well, Roy Keogh here from the last cpc manager course in the green isle , delighted to get the cert today just wanna say thank you and that I found the course very helpfull not only in terms of learning but also for networking with other people from the transport industry that were on the course ,, thanks again - Roy Keogh

Hi Tony - Phylis O'Connor here and I would like to thank you for a really great course. It was very informative & extremely useful and I would highly recommend your company to everyone. Thanks - Phylis

Hi Tony it's Siobhan lynch from your greenisle course just want to say thanks very much I passed I'm in total shock haha but I really enjoyed the course - thanks again!

Great course Tony & thanks for all your help and support. Delighted with my grade. We are all doing our Driver CPC courses with you in Waterford. - Michael Ryan

Hi Tony,I received in the post today, confirmation of my passing the CPC Transport Manager examination. First of all I would like to thank you for your excellent assistance and guidance through this course over the last few months in the Green Isle Dublin. I would also love to train as a Driver CPC Instructor with your company.  Many thanks again -Stephen Hogarty

Hi Tony,Received my certificate today. Really am so happy.Thanks for all your help, it wouldn't have been achieved without your tuition. Kindest regard -Susan Leahy

Hi Tony, Just a quick note to say that the cert arrived this AM to say
that I passed my CPC exams. Thank you for all your help with the mountain of material we got through, couldn't have done it without you. Regards  - Brendan Homan

Hi Tony, I am delighted to inform you I passed my Transport manager CPC exam. Thanks to you, your passion and outstanding desire to inculcate practical knowledge to others. Keep up your very good work. I hope to give you a brief call soonest. - Amos

Thanks again Tony, I rang the "girls" and they told me I passed, yippee..:)....Thank you most kindly for all your professional tuition and humour and that of all your staff. Very much appreciated and highly recommend.:) - Gary Greenalgh

Thanks for all the help during the course Tony. Best to you and all the staff. - Gerry Douglas

Every person in business should do this course - Liam Godfrey

Exciting - Christopher McNamara

I was extremely happy with this course. - Finbarr McMahon

One of the best courses I have completed in some time. - Niall Lydon

Great notes and a brilliant course. - Ronan Heaslip

Thank you so much for everything, I could not have done as well without your help - Kieran Rocke 

Very good course and I would recommend to everyone. - Aaron howard

Excellent course and I exceeded my expectations. - Audrey Darcy

Thank you most kindly for all your professional tuition and humour and that of all your staff. Very much appreciated and highly recommended..:) - Gary Greenalgh

Brilliant course and thank you Tony for all your patience and extra time you gave me to help me pass. - Audrey Darcy 

Hi Tony I got my cert recently thanks to your gang and yourself, I really appreciate all your help, tips and tricks . Thanks again Ronan Middleton

Hi Tony, I am delighted to inform you I passed my Transport manager CPC exam. Thanks to you, your passion and outstanding desire to inculcate practical knowledge to others. Keep up your very good work. I hope to give you a brief call soonest.Amos.

Tony, I found the course to be excellent, straight to the point and focused on the issues the students wanted. Definitely worth its money as the proven track record with pass results backing it up! Thanks & Regards

 Jim Dawson ,BEng, MILT 

Tony, I was on your course for transport manager and sat the exam in June and thanks to your excellent delivery of the course I passed my exams. Best Wishes and thanks again,

 Kind Regards, Brendan Hickey (AQS Environmental Solutions)

 Hi Tony, I recently did The Transport Management CPC course with you in Kilmurray Lodge in Limerick. I have just received my results and I was absolutely thrilled to have done so well. I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Without your help I couldn't have done it. The course was most enjoyable. Your method of teaching is 1st class and you made everything so clear & easy to comprehend. Not only do you provide the course so well but you have an unbelievable way of making the information hit home. It is just  fantastic as I have spent 4 years in an Institute of Technology & have never had a lecturer like you. I chose to do the course with you in the first place due to your reputation and the fabulous testimonials on your website and I can honestly say now after taking the course, that I see why you have such a good reputation. I sincerely thank you and would recommend you to anyone.

Thanks again Maria Rafferty

Hi Tony,I recently did a course with yourself in the green isle hotel for the CPC in Transport Management, I found the course very good and you explained everything very well, i was expecting it to be very boring but i was wrong i found it very interesting. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I would say to everyone don't listen to the 'fella' saying its is hard but it can easily be passed if study is done

Thanks again Aaron 

I just want to say thank you got the certificate to say I passed the transport management course it was really enjoyable course.

Regards Mark Mc Laughlin

Hi Tony,I recently did a course with yourself in the Kilmurry Lodge for the CPC in Transport Management, and as you will know we got the results last week and I amazingly passed mine.I just wanted to say thank you for all your help, you really made the course most enjoyable and fun to learn. Thanks again for everything

Best Regards Denise Redican

Hi Tony

Thanks so much for that,the course was fantastic and you really know how to drive the information home,well worth all the effort.



Tony, Just a word of thanks on your excellent course. Delighted I passed and would highly recommend it.  


Sean Harnett

Hi Tony

Tam McNamee here who came all the way over from Scotland because of the reputation of your course. When I decided I would like to have a go at sitting and hopefully passing my Transport Manager CPC, I researched and liked your website pages (videos, testimonials etc.) so I applied to you.  I was really doubtful, as I had not committed or sat any exams in school and didn't feel I had the ability, and had only a few years experience in the office.  After speaking to you on the phone you made it sound as if I had a chance!  As I had missed the start of the course you offered me one to one tuition to catch up and I really appreciated the time and effort you and your staff put in to me.  The fact of travelling from Scotland to Ireland was not an issue as the flights were regular and only 35 minutes which is nothing.  You were a great support even when I was back in Scotland as you were only an e-mail or phone call away.  I feel your method of coaching is fantastic and I couldn't have done it without you or your staff.  Much appreciated and thanks again.

Tam McNamee


Hi Tony
I felt it necessary to contact you and tell you how grateful I am for all your inspiration and training on the Transport Managers CPC Course.
In 2009, I was given the responsibility of vehicles and drivers compliancy for the company I was working for, (until a Transport Mangager was hired). I was a route co-ordinator at the time and although I had no understanding of what the role entailed, I did know that there was a lot of legislation involved.
It wasnt until I cam across your add in the Northside Newspaper for the Transport Management CPC Course, that I decided to educate myself which would ensure that the task I carried out were compliant with legislation.
On your course I learnt so much in such a short space of time. Your methods of teaching were so to the point and I still keep your handouts to look back on.  I gained an insight into a whole new career. It was in your classes that I got inspired and from then on, I knew this is where I want my career. In your class I learnt about the other courses available in Logistics. In 2011, I successfully obtained my Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management and I am now proceeding with my Bachelors Degree in Supply Chain & Transport Management.
Just recently, I was hired as the Transport Manger of a large fleet and I look back now and I know of all the great lecturers I have had, you inspried me the most. Your course and teaching methods are superior and this changed the way I think about learning. I now know learning and education is continuously improving skills and investing in my future.
Thank You
Geraldine Stenson

Hi Tony,
I'd be pleased to recommend your course to any of my associates,as I believe that you are very passionate & knowledgeable about the course & give everyone attending every chance of succeeding in their exams. - Brendan Griffin

I would like to express my delight in passing my CPC in Transport Management but mostly I would like to thank you and your staff for the training I received to help me achieve this certificate. I have never experienced a course like this and to be honest I looked forward to attending every session because of your enthusiastic approach and your method you showed  towards the programme that was ahead of us as students. As I have achieved employment in the Transport sector mainly due to this certificate I will not hesitate in recommending your course to colleagues and friends in the future. Once again Thank You and your staff for a pleasant experience.
Kind Regards
Thomas Lawless ( Dublin )   

It's without any hesitation that I recommend doing the transport managers cpc with cpc training and more particularly with Tony Hynes.
I, like most of my class mates had been out of the education system for quite some time, and was quite daunted by the prospect of classrooms and exams. I shouldn't have worried, Tony has a fantastic teaching style that not only keeps you listening but through his many experiences and knowledge of the subject helps you learn.
From the first enquiring phone call right through to the receipt of my cert, I found Tony and his team to be extremely professional and attentive. With emails and phone calls I never needed for an answer. My experience with the guys from cpc training was very positive, and having initially priced around I found these guys to offer the best package at the best price.
So, again, cheers Tony and team, I'll let you know what the cert has helped me achieve.
Barry Moore

I found this Transport Management CPC course very informative and the course material extremely beneficial.  The instructor (Tony Hynes) was very knowledgeable.  I found the course as a whole very beneficial to me in assisting my successful completion of the exam. Thanks and kind regards - Richard English

I found the Transport Manager CPC course with Tony Hynes from very benefical. It really opened my eyes about the transport industry and what goes on. I would advise anyone who is thinking of a career in the Transport industry to do this course with Tony. Even if you had no interest just to go and listen to Tony to hear what he has to say would benefit you in your career, I found Tony to be very helpful and brilliant at delivering the course and its chapters, he also gives alot of advice. I am now looking forward to my career in the transport industry as a result of doing this course and passing the exams. I am delighted i have done so as i now am qualified as a transport manager and can set up my own transport business if i wish. I would like to wish Tony Hynes and his staff at all the best for the future.
Regards Gary Daly

Dear Tony - I am delighted I did this course and more so delighted that I selected yourself of as the course provider. I enjoyed and appreciated every bit of it, learned a lot from it and with the recession and lack of work over the lady 2 years (which I found really stressful), I left the course and went back into the Transport Industry with a different knowledge and outlook on work, people and life. I do Thank You very much for your deliverance, care, respect and interest on every individual that took part. Also I would strongly urge all truck and bus drivers to do this exam as it will give them a more professional outlook into their career and have a better level of respect and self-respect within the industry. This course will help you proceed and progress as self-employed, contract, training and other opportunities. Again thanking yourself and all the team at Yours Sincerely, Tim Kelleher

I recently did an upgrade for CPC in Road Passenger International and was lucky to get into Tony Hynes' class - I found that he brought great energy to the class room . I was very impressed with his teaching techniques. I found that he could keep you completely focused in the course with relevant and sometimes humorous stories. He also simplified the revision with his handouts.
Transport Management CPCs are not handed out and you have got to earn them - I know with Tony's help and guidance I got my CPC a lot easier. 
Many thanks again Tony. Regards Denis Spillane

As a lecturer in business in the I.T. Carlow and as a secondary school teacher I found that I picked up a lot of teaching style tips – Thanks Tony. Not only did I learn a lot about haulage I learned a lot for my “other careers”. – Caoimhe Farrell

Outstanding course and very relevant to any business – Vincent Moran
Very well presented and very enjoyable. Good craic during discussions – Seamus Hynes
Excellent course – Noel O’Leary

I found the course very enjoyable actually. I was dreading it but it was terrific. – Karina Goldrick

This course was conducted in an excellent way. – Antonio Ferreira

Great work and good value for money. – Mark Lawless
Overall, Tony and his level of instruction were refreshing, honest and above all quite excellent. I am most satisfied with this course and I would not fail to recommend to any prospective students in the area. Well done. – John Carey (Driver CPC Auditor)

I found the great thing about Tony is that he kept you involved and did not lose you along the way. – Denis Spillane

I found this course very beneficial. – Kieran Walsh
Brilliant Course - very clear. – William Ambrose

Training was interesting and to the point. – Yvonne Brosnan

Very well presented. Totally enjoyed it and very interesting. Tony kept me motivated during all classes. – Martina Bolger

The course was excellent and well delivered and sometimes in a funny way with an eye on the final result in the exam. – Noel Ryan

Excellent presentation, discussion and constant clarification and repetition of information. I don’t think I’d have the energy to compete with Tony. – Mary Bourke
Thanks Tony I really enjoyed the Training. I don’t think you could do any more for us. – Bernie Coughlan

This course was brilliant and conducted very well. – Lorraine Hayes

I really enjoyed this Transport Management CPC course. I learned a lot and it was very good and very well delivered. – Kenneth Higginbotham

Tony – I would like to highly recommend your Transport Management CPC Course. I was an excellent course and vey professionally delivered. The mock exam you ran made all the difference.  I have recommended you and passed on your number to many of my colleagues. I will be doing all my Driver CPC courses with you. Thanks again.
- Alan Lenihan
This CPC course was very well laid out. The handouts and past papers were very good for revision. Excellent course. – Laurence Bates

I felt this Transport Management CPC course was very useful to me and I would recommend this course to anyone that is in the Transport Business. Paul Cannon

Hi Tony - In a detailed analysis of the operation of your Transport Manager CPC course which I attended recently I would like to state that it was an excellent course that it was conducted and run very professionally by you and your staff.  I enjoyed attending the course and gained a lot of knowledge from it, which is of great benefit to me.
 Many Thanks, to you and all your staff. - Terry Curtis

Hi Tony – it’s Stephen Brazil I did the CPC in Management with you in the Green Isle Hotel. I passed it so I am delighted and just want to say thanks again and if I hear of anybody looking to do the course I will be highly recommending they do it with you.

Hi Tony, - One thing about you and your CPC courses:
"If someone willing to be a professional in Transport business = Tony Hynes lectures"
I never forget your lectures, impressive, full of motivation...
You are basically the "heart" of this sector, and I am just recommend you for everyone who intend to join this "family". Thank you very much
Domotor Kiss CAPM (Warehouse and Shipping at Merck Millipore Ltd.)

To Tony,
I am a fifty five year old man who has not sat an exam in over forty years, Your way of teaching is clearly outstanding as I went into the final exam with confidence that I would pass. Thank you and your staff for all of your help with my Transport Management CPC! - Noel Paget

Hi Tony,
I received my CPC Certificate today and just wanted to thank you for all the help and support. I would love to say it was hard work but I had a great time, learned allot not just relevant to the course and met some great characters who I intend to stay in contact with.
I could imagine that a course like this could be very boring and boring to deliver but your energy, interest and sense of humour made it something to look forward to each weekend. Hope you and your daughter are keeping up the radon awareness. Thanks again. - Eoghan O Regan
  Tony - Just a quick message to let you know that I passed my exams. I would like to take this time to thank you for your time and expertise. Your tutelage was superb and very well structured.
I should be getting made Transport Manager officially soon so if you want anything I will help you with Drivers CPC courses.
Ray Condon (Warehouse & Distribution Manager - Flancare Ltd.)

Hey Tony! Chris here! I just received my Certificate of Professional 
Competence in Road Passenger Transport.
Thanks for everything. Couldn't have done it without you!
I'll tell everyone I know about your business. Talk soon and all the best.
Chris Kirby

 Dear Tony - thank you for all of your help and support during our CPC course without it I’m not sure any of us would have gotten through.
The last official examinations I took part in were my leaving certificate in 1991 so as you can imagine I was a little apprehensive on starting something new.

One of the first things that came to light on day one of the course was the camaraderie of the students - it wasn’t a typical classroom situation which certainly helped. The fact that you encouraged the students to discuss various topics as we were covering them very often gave us a whole new insight into things. You also had the habit of relating your own experience in life to different areas we covered which helped to make it real for us and enabled us to relate it to something other than a text book.

The notes we were given throughout were clear and concise, there was no waffle to confuse us, also the use of the past examinations was excellent because it gave me a chance to once again see the format of a State Examination and practice them in my own time.

I cannot recommend you highly enough, I hope to go back perhaps this year or early next year to complete the CPC for Haulage, and believe me I have no hesitation in going back to do this with you as I would be quietly confident that I can pass.

The only thing people need to remember is that no matter how good your tutor is if you are not interested, or don’t put in some work you cannot pass, but this is true no matter what you do in life.

Once again many thanks for your hard work and commitment that you showed to us all during the course, you made yourself available to us if we needed to discuss the work and you provided us with endless opportunity for revision days if we chose to take part.

Deborah Caldbeck  (Swan Taxis Ltd. Mallow - 6th January 2012)


Thank you for providing an enjoyable learning experience, as well as a very professional, availability at all hours to respond to any difficulties I had. Rest assured that I have benefited considerably from the experience of having undertaken my CPC course with CPC Training Ltd.  I intend to base my career in the future on the knowledge I have gained. I have highly recommended to a number of acquaintances and friends considering a Transport Management CPC, as from the start of my research into course providers; you and your company have left a lasting, extremely positive impression.
Patrick Quinn

Hi again Tony, thanks once again for a most enjoyable cpc course and here's to a fulfilling management role! Patricia Larkin

 I would like to thank you for your brilliant course enabling me to pass my CPC exam with flying colours. I did the course elsewhere before and failed. Your course is outstanding and as someone who didn't even do the Junior Cert. I can assure anyone that they will pass with you. I got 72% and this was down to your delivery and notes. Thanks again and give anyone my number if they want reassurance on getting through with your company. I'm so delighted.           Kevin Higgenbottam (Dublin –June 2011)

I successfully completed the Transport Mangers CPC course in January 2010.The course was delivered at weekends in a very open, friendly and relaxed environment in which to learn. Although the content was intense, it was broken down into powerpoint presentation format which allowed you to learn and understand each stage.The Course Director invited each person to openly discuss topical issues, he expertly delivered each class with such energy and positivity, that within two weeks, nothing seemed too difficult to take on and learn. I soon developed the understanding that the right attitude changes everything. He instilled a confidence into the class along with nurturing a want and need to learn more. He actively encouraged questions and answers sessions throughout the class which allowed people to express and enhance their own knowledge, this in turn led to great discussions and many friendships were formed. I cannot emphasis enough how much I have benefited from this course both on a professional and personal level. It will be the platform on which I base my future training and teaching. Patrick Bartley

I was very nervous about doing my CPC course. It’s 38 years since I’ve been in a classroom. I was taken out of school when I was just 14. I could not read until I was over 30 years old and on top of that my wife was very sick for over 10 years, she died of a brain tumour last year. I’m 52 years old now and all I can tell you if I passed it the first time anyone can! If you just listen to Tony and follow his notes you too can pass it first time. I couldn’t recommend Tony’s CPC course enough. I couldn’t have done it without you may thanks. - Tony Donohue (Dublin)

I really enjoyed doing the course and you are very good at delivering it. Your notes are very good and helpful and there was little work outside the classroom. I would recommend your course to anyone who wanted a career in transport management. I’ll be doing the passenger course with you next. Thanks
- Kevin Farrell

Congratulations on a very well-run Transport Manager CPC course. You maintained our attention throughout and made it very interesting. The rapport you created with the class really encouraged class participation and I really benefited from all the ‘Transport’ anecdotes/ experiences exchanged by everybody. Your notes on the course are superlative in highlighting the main points in each chapter. The input by you in broadening discussions on different topics again was a major help in understanding difficult/ technical issues, for me. I achieved 81% overall in the exam, a mark I never achieved in my life, and, at 56 years of age, a pleasant surprise! I would not have achieved this high standard without your brilliant input as tutor. From the first session you brought every member of the class along‘with you’. You coaxed us and encouraged full participation. All questions were treated seriously and the answes were explained with great clarity. You were available before and after class, as well as during breaks and took phone calls at all hours and replied promptly to email queries. Full marks, again, to you and thanks for a very informative and enjoyable experience. - Eugene Manton.

I found your tuition excellent and also very innovative compared to other courses I have attended, which is 4 including a degree programme within in the last 12 months alone. - John Ward

I am writing to you to compliment one of your lecturers, a Mr. Tony Hynes, who I must say is an excellent representative of your institute. I attended a CPC course with Tony and not only did he bring me through the material and help me pass the exam he also gave me extra tuition at no extra charge. He also transported me to course venues and, as a woman of 60, I was very grateful for his understanding and help. I have now passed the exam and I wish to thank your institute for having people like Tony deliver this course as it was very intimidating and frightening for me at first until he reassured me and got me relaxed and helped me to pass. Please pass on my thanks to Tony as I much appreciate all he did. - Bridie O’Connor Carmody

Tony's course was fantastic and I highly recommend it to anybody who is interested. Tony is a fantastic instructor very energetic and extremely helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed it. His hand-outs are excellent and straight to the point and if ever I needed help which I did on a couple of occasions I rang Tony and got the information I needed there and then. My advice is do this course. - Laurence O'Brien- Dublin

If you are considering taking a CPC course look no further than this website. After I had spoken with Tony Hynes I had no hesitation in taking up his offer of a place on the CPC course. His guidance and advice was constructive and supportive. This course was excellent. The presentations were highly interactive and individual lectures were of high quality and reflected the interests of class participants. Tony Hynes delivers excellence in his presentations drawing on his vast experience of the global road transport industry and its development up to the present time. He has a dynamic teaching style that enables each learner to develop their knowledge and skills to a high level and at their own pace. This is evident in his course being approved by the Institute of Transport and Logistics. The course is supported by a comprehensive course manual covering all aspects of the course content. Careful thought was given throughout the course to providing guidance for course participants with their studies between units of learning. Attention was given throughout the course to revising existing learning and clarifying concepts before moving on to the next topic. I found the course enjoyable and rewarding as I developed my knowledge in this new area learning. Tony and his team are to be congratulated on delivering an excellent course. - Leo D'Arcy, Course Participant

Just a thankyou for getting me through the cpc course with a sucessful pass. it was a superb course because it touched on all aspects of setting up a transport business. In this day and age its a very usefull qualification to have as you,ve got it for a lifetime. the way the course was delivered was second to none and as i,d not been in a classroom for over 20 years, i even surprised myself with what i achieved. i,d have no problem in recomending this course to anyone who wants to set up their own transport business. once again thankyou tony - Tony Swanick,  Castlerea

The most surprising thing was how much I didn’t know. Simple clear notes, well delivered lectures combined with the passion, drive and knowledge that Tony has for this subject made this THE BEST training course. If you are involved in the transport industry get on board and enjoy the learning and reap the rewards. Open your mind, improve your skills and get the knowledge to enhance your lifestyle. Thanks for the experience - Eamonn Mc Evoy 

Just a quick note to say thanks for getting me through the CPC in haulage. It was a daunting task at first, going to the hotel , studying, meeting others. I  knew nothing about haulage or trucks or vehicles but worked in operations  in logistics, so I felted I needed some experience in the Transport end. It was a great course  very informative  and the teaching method, while unique (!)  was great and you held my attention  and showed us how to learn, focus on the important issues, watch for re occurrence and gain confidence. On the day of the exam it was scary but doing the mock was great and just focusing on what you knew got me through. So thanks again and I’m sure it  will help in  get on in my career.
- Mark Delaney

This is to thank you for all the support and knowledge you gave to help me passed my cpc manager exam. I currently a french speaking from Cameroon, went I first register for the courses I told language will be a barrier for me as my english was not an academic english. But the course was extremely well presented and the handouts make it easy to pass the exam. I got 75%. There is 24 hour backup from Tony and I would highly recommend his course if you want to pass your CPC exam first time. I have sent this email to compliment your course and especially to acknowledge Tony Hynes for his excellent work.
- Maurice Kameni 

Just to say also Tony a word of thanks for all your help during the course itself. What started off in October for me as a “chore”, something that had to be done, just get it out of the way” ended up being a really enjoyable experience, where I’ve learned a lot of valuable information, not only relevant to course but in regards life itself. I met lovely people, a couple of whom I will remain in contact with beyond January 28th. - Aine O’Grady

I was searching for somewhere to do the management CPC course for a while but couldn’t find a provider that could accommodate me in relation to my work, I couldn’t get time off, that was until I found The course was delivered every second weekend in Dublin which was just up my alley, it gave me time to revise what was covered each session. The course gave me a much broader outlook and a greater understanding of transport operations, there’s a lot more to transport than meets the eye. The trainer, Tony Hynes, made it simple, continuously revising as we went along and keeping it in simple English, it was hard to lose track of where it was going. There weren’t enough hours in the day. MONEY WELL SPENT and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending for Transport Management CPC, it will change your life and career prospects beyond the shadow of a doubt. Don’t think about doing it, DO IT.
- Tom, Dublin.

just a short mail to say thanks for your guidance for the exam all went well and was wondering can you send me my actual results also I had our drivers on the driver c.p.c and they enjoyed the day best of luck will definitely doing more business with your company in future. - Garreth Cox

Just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for a well delivered and presented course. I will be recommending your company to our HR department for other Bus Eireann employees required to do this course/exam. - David Lane

I found your teaching practices to be motivational and even inspirational at times and was very impressed by your general knowledge and experience which you generously shared with the class. Despite attending one of the best As Gaeilge schools in the country, through personal problems I did not achieve the leaving cert I desired. The reason I mention this is because despite not getting the results I wanted I still use a huge amount of that schools ethos on life. I took all these on board when I was in my impressionable teens and I would be surprised if I was not using a few of the general lessons (outside of the cpc) that I picked up on your course for years to come. I would readily recommend your services to anybody.  - Andrew Dineen 

It has been on my mind for some time now to put pen to paper and say a heartfelt thanks for all your help and assistance which resulted in me passing both Haulage & Passenger Transport Managers CPC exams recently. I was extremely anxious the first day attending the course as it had been a good number of years since I had studied or had sat an exam. However you very quickly that day put both my mind and all the others attending at rest by assuring us that with your dedication and expertise and a little hard work from each student we were going to pass our exam. The way you delivered the course content enabled me to have a very clear understanding how to approach each topic on the course. For the first time in my life I found learning both enjoyable and fun and on each days training the day always came to an end far too soon. I quickly gained the confidence I needed to pass the exam and in fact it made me hungry to learn even more and complete other courses which I have done recently. It amazed me how even at break times people were around you like bees around the honey pot and you were always eager to go through any questions that they had. In fact I don’t ever remember you taking time to eat lunch! Day or night you were at the end of the phone to help if there was something that students did not fully understand or needed to discuss. From my experience of having completed these exams with you I certainly would not hesitate for one minute in highly recommending you to anyone thinking of completing the Transport Managers CPC in the future. Again my sincere thanks to you Tony for putting so much time and effort into helping me achieve my goal. - Rita Cole

I recently completed a CPC course in Transport Management and sat the exam (passenger paper) on January 28th. The course had been arranged by my employer, Bus Eireann, and was presented by Mr. Tony Hynes of ..who made this course so successful. He brought the course to life and delivered it with such energy and enthusiasm that it would be impossible not to learn from it or not to enjoy it. The handouts and notes he provided were of the highest standard - clear, concise and invaluable for revision purposes. During the lectures, as we worked through the course manual, his understanding of each of the chapters and the topics contained therein was astounding and furthermore, his ability to explain and simplify these subjects helped greatly with our understanding and learning of same. The many discussions we had on various aspects of transport and business management were thoroughly enjoyable and here again Tony's skills were evident as he linked everyday business occurrences with the course material and the practical realities of running a modern day transport operation. I wish to thank and congratulate him for such an excellent job very well done. - John McIntyre

Thank you to you and your staff I attended a Cpc course Module four which was delivered by Rita Cole. From the time I arived she was Welcomeing and professional with a unique manner  that put a lot that are playing catch up at ease even with the people that were not to good at english she got her point to them and they felt included in the course at all times. I have done Module two with ISM But did not enjoy it as it was not put to us in the same way as your trainer did today.  I will be back to to do the rest of my modules with yous once again thanks to you and your team - Darren Hale 

Just to say thank you Tony and your team for my success in achieving my certificate in transport manager CPC in January 2011. From the first day I attended your course in the Green Isle Hotel I felt I had chosen the right person to deliver this course. The professionalism and structure that was presented throughout this course made it both interesting and informative for me. It was obvious that Tony had put alot of research, preparation and effort into the course. Originally I had visions of going back to school again as a mature student and seeing the teacher standing up there being serious but alas this was not the case. The atmosphere and attitude of the tutours towards us "students" was relaxed and comfortable thus making it a very successful and motivational course. I am aware of other colleagues who attended this type of course elsewhere and unfortunately were not successful first time round so for me I am thankful I made contact with Tony and attended his course and achieved my certificate. I would highly recommend Tony Hynes to anyone that is considering this course. Once again thank you Tony for everything.
- Francie

Take my advice and do your CPC with Tony. Unfortunately I did a CPC Course and exam elsewhere and I failed. Fortunately I then went to Tony and I even travelled from Kerry to a special summer course he was running in Birr. It was brilliant! His way of teaching and his special notes were like chalk and cheese compared to my previous experience. There was just no comparison between the delivery and quality of the two courses. I flew through the exam and I couldn’t recommend Tony highly enough. So if you want to pass your CPC first time and enjoy the experience of a great course make sure to take my advice and do a CPC Course with Tony.
 - Jimmy Murray, Tralee

Tony’s CPC course was absolutely fantastic. He couldn’t have done more to cover the information in an absorbing and interesting way. Tony also gives invaluable support and advice both during and after the course. He puts his heart and soul into his teaching and his students and it was better than winning the lottery when I passed. – Collette Ashe, Kerry Community Transport

Dear Tony – I just want to say thank you for all your help during the course, you really put your heart into helping people get through the course and it shows. You have a great way with people making us feel at ease particularly since it’s been many years since I did an exam. I am so delighted with my results and enjoyed all the laughs we had along the way. Best wishes.–Caroline Sheridan 

I would like to commend one of your C.P.C. course Director Mr. Tony Hynes with whom I completed & successfully attained a C.P.C. in Road Haulage operations. I am not involved in the Road Transport Industry but elected to attend the course merely out of a very big interest in it, I found Tony to be very energetic, extremely helpful, dedicated, knowledgeable & an excellent course director, Tony had at all times the interest of the attendees his foremost priority, this was reflected in his course preparation & presentation. Tony is a very good ambassador for your Institute and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it has prompted me to look further into courses provided by your institute with a view to a career in the Transport Industry.- Michael Laffey

This course was extremely well presented and the handouts make it easy to pass the exam. I have been out of school for 26 years and this was the first comprehensive course I have attended – I got 85%. There is 24 hour backup from Tony and I would highly recommend his course if you want to pass your CPC exam first time. Tony also managed to get me a job when the course finished. – Brendan Rosney

I was a bit nervous about doing the CPC course! I felt I wouldn’t have the experience and the knowledge others would have in the class, but Tony assured me that I didn’t need to have any particular experience or knowledge and so I said I’d have a go. After successfully passing the exam and being awarded a CPC Certificate I must say I found the course very interesting, challenging and rewarding. It’s all down to Tony’s hard work, encouragement and efforts to help us through this course and to get the best from this course that we possibly can. My advice to anyone about to do this course is to give it your 100%, keep on top of your notes, if you don’t understand something-ask about it. – Aileen Byrnes

Hi Tony - I am writing to express my gratitude to you for my CPC certificate and how easy you made it for me - not only going back to learning but I never thought that I could sit an exam and pass especially at my age (I am in my 68th year). You have brought out qualities I did not know I had. Thank you Tony and good luck. John O’Brien, Lougher, Annascaul, Co. Kerry

This course was brilliantly presented. The method of delivery and the notes used meant that I had very little work to do outside the actual course days. I would highly recommend this course as it will give you incredible knowledge of running a business effectively and profitably.–Sean Woods

Hi Tony, I have been meaning to get in touch for the last couple of weeks, just wanted to say many thanks for all your help and patience with getting me through the course. I was delighted to get the large envelope through the post and very pleased to have passed. Once again many thanks-Rebecca Hampshire

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