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Q. What are the advantages or benefits of doing a CPC course?

A. It gives you a formal qualification in transport management. You must have a CPC in order to get a license to set up a haulage or passenger business. It entitles you to apply for positions in transport management. The course content is extremely interesting and will increase both your business and personal effectiveness.

Q. Do you have to have a driving license for a truck or bus to do this course?

A. No. The CPC is a business management course and there is no driving involved, nor is there a need to have any category of license.

Q. Is it difficult to pass the exam?

A. If you attend the course and work with the course tutors you will have no problem passing the exam. We have designed handouts and we deliver the course to make it easy for you to learn and pass the exam first time.

Q. Once I pass do I ever have to repeat the course or exam?

A. No. When you pass the exam you are awarded the CPC for life and it is a recognised qualification which is personal to you?

Q. What type of age group would be on the course?

A. Our youngest pupil was fourteen and our oldest was over 60 - both passed.

Q. Is there much technical information on the course?

A. The course has very little technical content. Most of the course is about managing a transport business in a professional and profitable way.

Q. When I pass, how do I get my operator's license?

A. You contact the Department of Transport (see web site link on this page) who will send you an application form - filling out the form is covered in detail in the course.

Q. Do I have to renew my operator's license or CPC?

A. You must renew your operator's license every 5 years but you never have to renew your CPC - a bit like a driving license where you renew it without sitting a test.

Q. What format does the exam take?

A. It is a written exam and consists of multiple choice questions, short questions and some longer questions. In the course you will be given past-paper questions and answers, you will sit a mock exam ( rehearsal for the exam proper ) which is marked and graded and you will receive detailed feedback on your mock exam.

Q. How is the course delivered?

A. We use multi-media presentations including our own specially designed power-point slides (hard copies given to students), videos, handouts and a high level of class interaction and participation. We also give our students full support between classes and we can be contacted at any time regarding any issue or question the student may wish to discuss. 

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